Get Your Silly On

Get your silly on.

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Here in LA, people have extraordinary deference to the crosswalks (stemming, in my opinion, from their extraordinary deference to the state). I regularly see people standing still at corners waiting for a light to grant them permission to cross, even when there is not a car anywhere to be seen. I don’t wait. I cross wherever and whenever it is safe and convenient for me and those around me. Often, I’m sure, people will see this and roll their eyes at the dangerous law-breaker. But sometimes — sometimes! — there is that one person who will see this purportedly nefarious deed … and it will be all that is necessary to shake them from their stupor. They’ll look around and ask, why not? And they’ll cross, too. And then, sometimes, that moment will linger in their minds. They will remember how foolish they felt abiding by a rule that served no appreciable purpose. And they’ll realize that they were simply doing what they’ve always done, doing what they are told. And they might wonder what else they do mindlessly. And they might just wonder if not all laws are just or sound. And they might just tug on that string until their previous world view completely unravels, leaving them with only the bare truth.
LA Liberty, Thinksquad Interview (via anarchei)

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